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Once riding season started I rode the bike down to Ron's Signs and Trevor took some pictures of it and my jacket. I left my Arai XD3 with him at 10am. At 4pm, he calls me saying my helmet is ready! Wow - that was fast!

Man, I am always impressed with this guy's work (he did both my trucks and my daughter's workstation and his father airbrushed the "Tower of RagE" computer) and this is no exception - check it out:

Custom Arai XD3

Custom Arai XD3

Custom Arai XD3

So the helmet has orange stripes, the rider has orange stripes, I decided the bike needed orange stripes as well. Back to Ron's Signs:

2004 KTM 950 Adventure With Orange Stripes

2004 KTM 950 Adventure With Orange Stripes

It didn't take long before I decided that I did not like those folding mirrors. Although they could fold out of harm's way in a spill, they were otherwise completely unadjustable. So, when I heard about these RAM mount mirrors from Doubletake Mirror, I had to order a pair: RAM mount mirrors from Doubletake Mirror

A simple 1" ball replaces the previous mirror stem: RAM ball mounts

And the new mirrors are clamped on:

RAM mount mirrors from Doubletake Mirror

These things are great! Not only are they easily adjustable but the mirror is convex and gives a wide rear view.

When I first bought the bike the most common lament I'd read about was the seat. Sure enough, once I started riding it I was in full agreement - the seat is terrible! It is hard as a rock and within 20 minutes my back would start to give me grief. Luckily, I took that advice early on and in December had placed an order for a custom made seat from Renazco Racing. Five months later that seat finally arrived:

Package from Renazco Racing

Here it is! It is all vinyl with a grey grain top and black faux carbon fibre sides. At the last minute I had requested to have the logo in orange:

Renazco Custom-Made Seat

A comparison to the factory seat. You can see how this one is wider and has place to put your ass (kinda important for a seat). Also, the front of it is more heavily padded allowing me to grip it better with my knees when standing.

Comparing Renazco seat to KTM stock seat

Finally, here it is installed on the bike. Also noteworthy in this pic are the new Mefo Explorer tires I had installed. These are a more 50/50 tire than the knobbies that were on it previously giving me good off-road performance and much improved on-road grip:

KTM 950 Adventure - fully dressed

KTM 950 Adventure - fully dressed

These little storage bags from attach to the crash bars:

They simply attach with long velcro straps:

Sure, they don't have much capacity but they will be handy for carrying lightweight, soft items like rain gear, etc.

KTM 950 Adventure with 990A Adventure Bags installed

Once again, that is it! Click here for ride photos: