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Although not much of a "mod", the right-hand mirror was missing. The factory mount for it is on the master brake cylinder:

Factory location for right-hand mirror

This replacement clamp moves it to the front putting both mirrors in the same location on the bars and preventing the brake cylinder from getting broken in the event of a spill:

Right hand mirror clamp

A matching set of folding mirrors:

Matching mirrors

Although at this point I have not yet actually ridden the bike, I have read how hot the pipes get. I decided to add two sets of carbon kevlar heat sheilds; one set is to protect the passenger's ankles and the other is for the fingers when holding the grab bars:

Carbon kevlar heat sheilds

First, I have to strip the tail from the bike:

Tail section removed from 950

The ankle sheilds were pretty easy to install and just bolted on (didn't get a pic - oops). The finger sheilds, on the other hand, are going to be more work. They attach to this piece of the tail:

950 tail section

The sheilds came with a drill template but it doesn't actually match as closely as one might expect. So, I took my chances and lined it up with the bottom curve:

Drill template

...and drilled my holes:

Drilling the 950's tail

In the end, I had to dremel the holes into oval shapes so I could adjust the position of the sheilds. Here they are mounted:

Finger heat sheilds mounted