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As a nature photographer, the saying goes: "f/8 and be there!"  This project is all about the "be there" part.  In all honesty, of all the toys I've purchased over the years, this one is the most fun.  Talk about a stress reliever - every weekend, all summer long, is now a vacation!

But as usual, I can't leave anything as "factory stock" so here is the victim this time:

That is a 2006 Jayco 26S JayFeather LGT  It is 27' long and since it has a fiberglass shell over an aluminum frame it weighs a mere 4,400 lbs empty.  The weight was the critical decision in buying this model since the little Nissan had to tow it (rated for 5,400 lbs).

Here is a couple shots of the interior:



The thing was, every time we went camping I would end up killing the battery in my truck playing music.   So, since I had plenty of spare parts kicking around from past upgrades, I figured to install a computer and outdoor sound system in the trailer.

My original thought was to just install it all in one of the bench seats. While there would of been plenty of room, I didn't want to put the amplifier in there. So I eyed this cabinet: