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This may be a familiar story as it seems many people got started this way - Quake 3 had just been released and my "smoking fast machine" I had purchased the year before (P3 500MHz with 256M RAM and ATI Rage Fury) was not up to the task. So, on Feburary 23, 2000 I decided to tear the machine down and add some cooling - you can guess what is coming ;)

Guts of the Machine

Here is the machine at the start of the project - kinda messy in there.

I have seperated the individual projects for this machine into four sections:

Case Mods

CPU Mods

Video Card Mods


Tech Specs
CPU Pentium 3 600MHz@800MHz
HSF Alpha PEP66
RAM 256M PC100 @ 133
Vid Creative GeForce DDR
Sound Creative SB Live! Value
HD Western Digital Caviar 30G