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My house was robbed this past summer and among the jewelery and electronics taken was a number of pieces from my knife collection. Luckily for me, the dimwits
didn't know what they were looking at stealing only large combat and fighting knives and leaving behind all the damascus and ivory, etc. Not so lucky was the loss
of a stag-handled Cold Steel Trail Master and two vintage Benchmade balisongs that likely can never be replaced.

Anyhow, I didn't have anything to show the police or to help with any sort of insurance claim so basically I burned. I have since replaced many of the lost items
and now, finally I took some time to do a sitting with a white paper backdrop and photograph each piece.

These are not the most exciting photos but since it is the entire collection I figured I may as well put them up. Here they are in alphabetical(ish) order:

Custom Knives

Alan Elishwitz's Jeckyll has Chad Nichols' African Savannah Damascus and Lightning Strike carbon fibre:

(better photo here)

Allen Elishewitz's Spectre:

(better photo here)

A little drop point by Arno Bernard with a wart hog tusk handle:

AT Barr's EDC with jigged bone scales:

(better photo here)

AT Barr's presentation grade Cape Fear with engraving by Adone Pozzobon:

(better photos here)

AT Barr's One Eyed Jack with elephant ivory scales:

(better photo here)

AT Barr's Cape Fear with Devin Thomas' stainless damascus and a titanium framelock handle:

(better photo here)

This Gentleman's folder by Brian Tighe was my first custom made knife. It's blade and bolsters are Darrell Ralph's carbon damascus and the scales are mammoth ivory:

(more views here)

The blade of this balisong from Chuck Gedraitis is 1095 carbon steel with a very distinct hamon. The annodized titanium handles have dovetailed goldlip pearl inserts:

(better photo here)

This fighter by Chuck Hawes has a clay-hardened W-2 blade with a beautiful hamon line, a damascus double guard and ivory micarta handle:

Darrell Ralph's Gunhammer:

This Holey Moley with a "rehawk" blade (i.e. a weehawk-style blade with a recurve) by Darell Ralph has ball bearing pivots. Super smooth action and a lightning fast flipper!

This little warncliffe was custom made for my wife by Darrell Ralph. It has a heat coloured titanium handle with an abalone onlay and his own carbon damascus blade:

(more views here)

Micarta handled, double-edged fighter by Endino De Leon:

Ernest Emerson's Gentleman Jim:

(better photo here)

This Commander by Emerson Knives was rehandled and fully fileworked by Frank Recupero:

(more views here)

This Spyderco Khalsa was customized by Frank Recupero with mother of pearl inlaid stabilized charoite scales and lots of file work:

(more views here)

This Spyderco Wegner Jr was customized by Frank Recupero with red stag scales and full file work:

(more views here)

This elegant folder by George Muller has a Heimskringla damasteel blade with ruby-inlaid thumb stud. The bolsters are 4.6 billion year-old Namibian Gibson meteorite and
the scales are Alaskan fossil walrus ivory:

Elephant ivory scales and mokume bolsters on this little folder by James Downs:

By far the most beautiful knife in my collection, this carbon damascus and stag handled bowie is by Jerry Fisk:

Jim Harrison's "Dress Uber" with damasteel blade and bolsters, tiger eye-inlaid thumb stud and mammoth ivory scales:

Another awesome piece, this fighter is a collaboration between J. Neilson and L.R. "Butch" Harner. It has a forged W2 blade with a gorgeous temper line and a Polynesian Kau wood handle:

(crappy photo doesn't do it any justice)

This unique skinner from Joel Bordon has copper bolsters and a stabilized pine cone handle:

This Marifone Custom (Microtech) APO is all integral. The endcap threads onto a hollow handle:

Another Marifone Custom, this "Whaleshark" has a blued damascus blade and sculpted titanium frame. This is currently the single most expensive piece in my collection:

I traded Mr Mel Sorg a Benchmade AFCK for this utility knife he hand made. I believe the blade is A2. This little workhorse is my daily carry belt knife in summer:

Pat Crawford's Casper with stainless damascus blade and bolsters and mammoth tooth scales:

Differentially tempered W2 tanto by Peter Martin:

(better photo here)

Randy Doucette's Fuse:

Randy Doucette's Jeckel:

Randy Doucette's Riot with stainless damascus blade, titanium double bolsters and red micarta scales. Hard to tell from the photo, but this knife is huge!

(better photo here)

Russell Easler's sheep horn handled hunter:

(better photo here)

Gorgeous damascus fighter by Shawn McIntyre:

Stonewood Designs drop point with acid etched nickel silver and copper handle (heavy little fellow):

An integral fixed blade by Todd Begg:

Warren Osborne's Toplock:


Limited Production/Sprint Run/Mid-Tech Knives

Benchmade Gold Class 42-101:

(better photo here)

Benchmade Gold Class Ares by Allen Elishewitz:

(better photo here)

Benchmade 940 Gold Class by Warren Osborne:

Benchmade 960 Gold Class by Warren Osborne:

This collecters' piece made by Benchmade for the rec.knives newsgroup has rainbow annodized titanium scales and mother of pearl scales:

Blade Runner Systems (BRS) "Alpha Beast":

(better image here)

Chris Reeve's Green Beret:

Chris Reeve's Large Sebenza

ESEE's Junglas machete:

(better photo here)

The handle of Lion Steel's "TiSpine" is milled from a solid piece of titanium and the blade is Elmax super steel:

(better photo here)

Mad Dog WSP1:

Randall Model 1 with carbon steel blade and stag handle:

Spartan Blades Envoy:

Spartan Blades Harsey II:

Spyderco Caly3 with VG10 damascus blade, carbon fibre scales and stainless bolsters:

Spyderco Delica with damascus VG10 blade, jigged bone scales and titanium bolsters:

Spyderco Endura with damascus VG10 blade, jigged bone scales and titanium bolsters:


Production Knives

Al Mar Shiva:

Benchmade Model 32 balisong:

Benchmade Model 44 balisong:

A pair of Benchmade Model 62 balisongs

(better photo here)

Benchmade Model 63 balisong:

(better photo here)

Benchmade Adamas:

Benchmade AFCK:

Benchmade Bedlam:

(better photo here)

Benchmade Emissary

Benchmade Leopard Cub:

Benchmade Onslaught by Bob Lum:

Benchmade Mini Rukus:

Benchmade Stryker:

Benchmade Warn tanto:

(better photo here)

"Gnome" neck knife by Boker:

"Mayhem" balisong by Bradley:

A folding push knife - "The Citizen" - by CAS Iberia with damascus onlay:

Columbia River Knife and Tool's Ripple:

Cold Steel Magnum Tanto 7"

Cold Steel Koban:

Cold Steel Spike

Cold Steel Tai Pan:

DPX Hest:

(better photo here)

A standard KA Bar:

A large KA Bar:

Kershaw Packrat with orange G10 scales:

(better photo here)

Kershaw Leek:

Kershaw Blur:

(better photo here)

Another Kershaw Blur:

(better photo here)

Klotzli Wimpff with chartreuse carbon fibre scales:

Knives Of Alaska stag handled caping knife:

Gerber Mark II:

Mcusta Katana has a cool san mai VG10 tanto blade:

Masters Of Defence Trident:

Microtech Hawk:

Microtech Lightfoot:

Microtech LUDT:

Microtech drop point SOCOM:

Microtech tanto SOCOM:

Ontario Quartermaster:

Schatt & Morgan pen knife:

Spyderco Zulu by Jens Anso:

(better photo here)

This skeletonized Spyderco "Q" was a premium with a subscription to Blade magazine one year:

Spyderco framelock flipper by Brad Southard:

This Gayle Bradley designed Spyderco is a real workhorse:

(better photo here)

Spyderco Calypso:

Spyderco Centofante Memory:

Spyderco Civilian:

(better photo here)

Spyderco Civilian with plain edge (rare):

(better photo here)

Spyderco Dodo:

Spyderco Endura:

Spyderco Laci Szabo:

Spyderco Bob Lum Chinese:

(better photo here)

Spyderco Matriarch:

(better photo here)

Spyderco Manix with ironwood scales and stainless bolsters:

Spyderco Nilakka:

Spyderco Para-Military:

Spyderco Perrin PPT:

Spyderco Ed Schempp Persian:

(better photo here)

Spyderco Police:

This Spyderco Renegade was the first high-end knife I ever bought. Still one of my favourites:

Spyderco Military with fluted titanium handle:

Spyderco sub-hilt folder by Butch Vallotton:

Spyderco Warrior:

SOG super bowie:

Neck knife by WRKT:

(better photo here)

Believe it or not - there are more!


They are proudly displayed in my living room in this three level Gershner machinist's chest:

It fits in well with the rest of our decor:


Here is a shot of the entire collection (well, most of it):

Click for full resolution image