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Again, since there is very little room in this truck to install parts that don't belong, I had to find a place to install the LCD display for the computer. Building it into the dash would have been nice but that space is occupied by the stereo and the two-way so I decided that the driver's side viser would be best. The plan here is to build a new viser out of fiberglass.

The first step was to cut apart the existing viser to see what could be reused.

Chopped open viser

Obviously, I'll need the mount and the swivel. I will cut the material in half to put back on either side.

I used this particle board center piece as my template for the form I had to make.

Center of the viser

It was layed out on the MDF:

Tracing a shape

And two of them were cut out with a jigsaw.

Cutting the shape

Once I had the two shapes cut, they were bolted together and the edges sanded round.

Rounding the edges