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As I prepare to begin reassembing the truck, I realize that now is the ideal time to run my heavy power feeds to the back wall.   Both power and ground will be supplied with 60' of 1/0 welding cable:

1/0 welding cable

I cut it half and ran the two wires down the passenger side cable trough:

Cable run down passenger side cable trough

This is some pretty big wire and I have to get it to the engine compartment.   While creeping under the truck, I found a rubber plug that opened into a convenient spot on the passenger side and fished them through it:

Cable run through floor

Once under the truck, the wires are protected with a large diameter loom.   I followed another harness along the frame up through the wheel well:

Cable run along the frame

The wires come straight up the fire wall:

Cable run

Under the Cold Air Intake:

Cable run

And over the radiator to a location where I could flat mount the 250A fuse.   This is behind a plastic air dam I removed:

Fuse holder

To get the power from the big fuse to the battery I enlarged this hole:

Bigger hole

And fit it with a strip of continuous nylon grommet:


And there we go - another job completed:

Power run completed