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So now the wiring has to be cut in.   The switched power feed is rerouted to the main power at the back and my radio wires are all connected.

The capacitor has to first be charged through a lamp before I can connect it to the battery.   I put a label on the power run so if a mechanic disconnects it he (hopefully) won't short it to the frame:

Warning on capacitor

Finally, I can power it all up:

System test firing

Blue glow

Now that is cool!

Here is the fit and resting place of the seats:

Seat fit - kinda tight

Seat fit - kinda tight

While someone could still sit behind the driver, I wouldn't want to do it.

So, I pulled the seat out again and brought it to the upholstery shop.   The plastic back was removed and a fuzzy grey carpet was stitched in its place.   Now the seat slides all the way back.   Much better fit and more room should I have a passenger back there:

Seat fit - that's better!

Seat fit - that's better!