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This is my workstation I use at the shop. This is the third dually I've had here now. The first was a dual P3 with IBM DeathStars (bad choice) and the second is on the page following. This one is a brute! By far the fastest, most powerful machine I've ever owned. I never modify my workstations in any manner. They are mission-critical machines that I cannot afford to have down for any length of time.

Tech Specs
CPU Dual 5450 Harpertown Xeons @ 3.0 GHz w/1333 MHz FSB
HSF Supermicro
Mobo SuperMicro X7DWA-N
RAM 8G Kingston ECC DDR2
Vid Dual Viewsonic VP171s on a VisionTek Radeon HD4870 512M
Sound ASUS Xonar D2/PM connected via coaxial to PS Audio Digital Link III Digital to Analog converter
and PS Audio Trio A-100 Power Amplifier with a pair of Onix Strata Mini full-range loudspeakers.
HD Four 1T Seagate hard drives in RAID 10 with 3Ware 9560



Workstation from back  

Workstation from front  

Monitors and stereo components 


Eight cores! 

DLIII A/D and Trio A-100 PA 

Strata Mini 

Strata Mini cover off 

This is simply the most incredible sound system I've ever heard, much less owned. Sadly though, it is a little too revealing showing flaws in my 320k MP3s so I am now going back through my CD collection and re-ripping the discs as Apple Lossless files - roughly three times the size!