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In the [H]ard|OCP forums, I learned of a company called Crystalfontz that was making an LCD display unit that would fit in a 5 1/2" bay. Also, that a fellow known as "Uller" had developed an application that would display MotherBoard Monitor statistics on the display. Well, that sounded cool enough to me so I ordered a 16x2 backlit display.

Crystalfontz display and mount

I knew I was going to have to build a new baybus since this case only has one 3 1/2" bay and the floppy is installed there. So I figured I may as well use the blank space on the edges of the Crystalfontz bracket to mount my switches and LEDs.

This time however, I had time to spare so I ordered standard three legged bicoloured LEDs (common cathode and two annodes). The schematic is much neater as was the component layout.

schematic for new baybus

So as usual, the first step is to carefully measure out where the components can fit before drilling.

Drilled bracket

The LEDs and switches are installed and soldered together.

LEDs and switches

Finally, the power leads are put in. Unlike the previous bay bus, this time only tails will be left to solder to (instead of the molex connectors).


The information for the LCD display comes from the serial port:

Serial Cable

Getting the 9-pin D-Sub through that little hole isn't magic :) I just cut the cable in half, plugged in both ends, trimmed off the unnecessary length and individually soldered and heatshrinked each conductor.

Cutting the serial cable

And here it is in action:

Baybus running 1/2 speed

Baybus full tilt