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Well, the Enlight was a nice case, but I wanted get it painted. I got an estimate on the paintjob and it came in at $300. So I decided if I'm gonna spend $300 on a paintjob it had better be on a case that has room to grow.

As it turned out, this will probably always be my best known project. It was first seen on the front page of [H]ard|OCP on Nov 9, 2000 was Maximum PC's "Rig of the Month" in their September 2001 issue, and again in Maximum PC's "Guide to Extreme PC Mods" and appeared Computer Power User's "PC Modder" Reference.

Once again, I've broken the project into sections:

Case Mods

CPU Mods

Video Card Mods


While this mod is complete, the machine will never be as this is my primary computer.

Tech Specs
CPU Pentium4 3GHz (800MHz FSB)
HSF Thermalright SP-94 with 92mm Delta
Mobo ASUS P4C800-Deluxe
RAM 1G Corsair XMS
Vid ASUS 9800 Pro (256M)
Sound Creative Audigy 2 ZS
HD (2x) Western Digital Caviar 30G with
Promise Fasttrac RAID Controller (RAID 0)