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The Creative card got old fast. I waited out an entire generation for the GeForce3 (GF2 didn't seem to offer enough of a speed increase for the $$$. The GF2 Ultra was awful tempting though).

So, once the GF3 hit the shelves, I jumped on a Visiontek GeForce3 from Electronic Boutique.

It would seem that I did not take a "before" pic - but use your imagination.


Again, here is the factory HSF next to the copper VIce III Xtreme CU from Millisec.com.

The factory one was applied with springclips and an adhesive thermal pad so it came off very easily this time.

As with the original, the GPU was anything but flat. Once more, out with the Lansky stones and it is lapped (almost) flat. And on she goes:



I wound it up some while on the P2B but it didn't get too far. I'm thinking this was due to the 89MHz AGP bus as the other one would not overclock very high either. Guess we'll see ;)

I notice also that the ramsinks get very hot. So a future project will be to replace them, I guess.

Needless to say this card is rather outdated but I rarely play games on my computers any more and with so many other projects on the go do not have the time or money to replace it. Guess we'll see what happens when DOOM3 comes out (Note: turned out to be Radeon 9800 PRO. It is the ASUS and did not require aditional cooling mods).