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A good start to putting a computer in the truck would probably be building a computer (heh, how's that for technical writing skills?) One of the greatest difficulties I had with this entire project was due to how little space there is inside this truck (you will read this again and again).

Originally, I had thought I was going to use a Flex ATX motherboard, put it in a NEMA enclosure and install that under the driver's seat. So, I went ahead and ordered my parts from So-Trick Computers. When the parts came in, I sized them up for a NEMA enclosure and then took a look under the seat. Honestly, I have no idea how I came up with that concept. Nothing is going to fit under that seat (note, this was before the teeny little VIA boards with the embedded processors became popular).

Anyhow, now I need to find a spot. Actually, it was pretty easy to pick out. When I am in the driver's seat, I have the seat cranked all the way back and that leaves no space for a passenger (of any size).

A tight fit

So now I need to build something to fit in this little area. I started out with a hunk of cardboard, and bent it to the general shape of the space.

A test box

For simple access to the computer parts, a flap is cut into the cardboard form.

Access to guts

And it is tested to make sure it will open.

Test fit