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The T-Bird had given me nothing but problems almost from the get-go. Since I am not a heavy gamer any more, I let it slide but the random freezes, etc were quite annoying to say the least. Anyhow, since my new kick is applying computers to audio and video, I now find myself encoding DivX files. Well, guess what? First time I tried to encode one with this machine it pegged the CPU usage at 100% and froze solid about 20 minutes in (even though the cpu had a maximum temperature of 41C).

Since it was waaaaaay overdue anyhow, I figured now is a good time to make a couple changes.

Back to Intel we go.....

Without going into too much detail, what we have here is a Pentium4 at 3GHz (800MHz FSB) on an ASUS P4C800-Deluxe motherboard.

One brute of a fan!

I have installed a huge ThermalRight SP-94 heatsink with a 92mm 100cfm Delta Originally, when I decided the upgrade was due, I started to place watercooling parts in my basket but that just wouldn't be right for this air-moving monster and decided to continue with the extreme aircooling theme.

Monster air cooling

Installed on the northbridge is a Swiftech MCX159 cooler.

No overclocking or temperature numbers yet. Will add later.

Click here for images of the final installation.