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Real NameA. Dale McLean
World LocationTimmins, Ontario, Canada
OccupationTechnical Sales Rep/Branch Manager @ Spectrum 2000 Communications
Games Played
  • I have pretty much stopped gaming on the computer and moved to the XBOX360 and PS3. The couch is much more comfortable, the sound far better and the picture a whole lot larger.


RagE and his toys (and a dragon)

This was my 2002 Nissan Frontier SE-V6. It doesn't look like this any more. Check "The Machine" section of this site to see what I did to the poor thing  

RagE and the Nissan

Turns out that towing the trailer was a bit more than the little Nissan was up for, so in 2007 I decided to trade up for a Toyota Tundra.   Its a big truck and I have big mods planned for it!

New truck - Crewmax Limited

A new toy for 2010: a KTM 950 Adventure. I don't normally like to buy used equipment but this bike is in pristine condition with low mileage and I got it for less than half the cost of a new one! Although not my usual electronics-heavy type installations, I have already started modifying it with additional armour (note the crash bars in the pic) and more to come. I've created a new section for it here.

KTM 950 Adventure 

Another new toy for the 2010/2011 winter season. This is a 2006 A.D. Boivin Snow Hawk Outlaw 600 LT. There were only 1200 Snow Hawks ever made so finding one new in a crate in Wawa, Ontario was fortunate.

2006 Snow Hawk Outlaw

Unfortunately, this machine doesn't even have a battery so electronic modifications are going to be challenging. But, as always, it has to be customized so I'll start a new section for it like every other project.