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The original concept for the HTPC was to act as both media player and server for the house.   However, the case for it is really small and it was just too hot in there.   Plus, there was only room for three hard drives.

I had bought a collection of case parts for my workstation thinking to modify it.   However, that project never came to pass and I decided to use them for the house server.    The motherboard and processor were ones sponcered by Intel originally for the HTPC.    Unfortunately, the RAID card, video card and motherboard chipset refused to work together and I ended up getting a different mobo for the HTPC.   So as strange as it sounds, the original incarnation of this machine was pretty much built from spare parts.  

These specs listed below are for its current configuration but this section shows the entire build from the original design to its final state.

Quick link to first rebuild of server

Quick link to second rebuild of server

Tech Specs
CPU Dual Nocona Xeon 2.8GHz w/800MHz FSB
HSF Stock
RAM 1G Corsair ECC DDR2
Vid onboard
Sound none
HD Twelve WD4000YR (400Gbyte) in RAID5
with 3Ware SX9550 controller

Anyhow, the start to any good server is, of course, 1.2 Terrabytes of Western Digital goodness


Each of these will be housed in a Vantec EZ Swap enclosure

Vantec EZ Swap hard drive enclosures

Driving the array is a big Promise Supertrac:

Supertrac SX6000

and it is all going in an Aopen HX800 server enclosure:

AOpen HX800

AOpen HX800

Inside the HX800

This is a hell of a nice enclosure.  Solid steel and weighs a ton.  Unlike my other server-sized cases, this one is long instead of tall.  Until now I'd been using it as a temporary enclosure for test builds (very roomy - easy to work on).  



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