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Unfortunately, the Thermaltake power supply does not have the "balls" to run this machine.  At attempted power-on it would just begin to spin-up the drives and then the short circuit protection would kick in.  I would have to hit the power button over and over and only once in 25 tries or so would it actually turn on.  Very frustrating to say the least.

So, on December 23rd, I ordered a PC Power and Cooling 1000W supply  I suppose ordering anything over the Christmas holidays and expecting it in a timely fashion is futile but on the 30th the FedEx girl finally dropped off a package.

Wow - big box for a power supply!

Big box

Inside it was one big power supply!

Big PSU!

Here it is next to the Thermaltake:

Size difference

Not only is it bigger but it is a LOT heavier!

Obviously, it is going to have to be mounted a little more sturdily.  I've also got a problem with the top blowhole.

Mounted in case

However, once connected it spun right up with no hesitation and finally, I could begin to transfer the backed-up data.

Temp install  



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