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Less than two years after the completion of the original build, 1 TeraByte just isn't "doing it" anymore and the server is almost maxed-out.    I had been weighing my expansion options when one night it crashed hard and I lost 20 or 30 gig.    That was the motivation I needed to get moving and I decided: "the hell with it, just rebuild the damned thing!"

This time I'm starting big with 4.8 TeraBytes of enterprise-class storage using the Western Digital WD4000YR.


I don't want to get caught again with a filled-to-capicity server with no room to grow, so this time I am using the 3Ware 9550SX 12 port RAID controller.   According to the 3Ware documentation: "64-bit LBA support for addressing arrays greater than 2 TB and support for multiple cards (up to 4) within a system for large storage requirements."    In theory, it should be a good long time before I have to do this again

3Ware RAID controller

Finding a motherboard with 4 PCI-X slots proved to be a bit of a challenge.    I had to step up a notch to Xeons with the ASUS NCL-DS.    Since the Xeons are now surprisingly affordable, I figured I may as well get two.   Also this time, I'll be installing 1 Gig of Corsair ECC DDR2 (CM73DD512R-400 - x2).

New guts





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