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Each 250G disc took about 70 minutes to transfer its data.  During the transfer the drive tower barely got warm - no warmer than the single back-up drive sitting on the top.

LCD readout

E partition

F partition

Hard|Forum member "doh" had asked me if I would run some benchmarks on it since she was thinking to use similar parts for her own build:

HD Tach

Sandra benchmark

Pretty impressive performance, I would say.   It easily stomps the RAID0 array in the big purple machine.  Hmmm, guess I have another upgrade to do now!  

So the server is happily chugging away at the moment doing its thing.  Right now, I am "burning in" the big power supply just to ensure there is no "infant mortality" (normally, if modern electronics is going to fail, it will do so within a short period of time).  Once I am convinced the supply is working OK, this project will begin again as I redo the power wiring and then figure out a way to refit the top exhaust fan.




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