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I first built it up for a test drive to make sure everything is working ok.

The whole rear of the case pulls out. Never had a case that did this before - very handy.

Motherboard enclosure

Wow - all the holes line up.

Standoffs in correct locations!

And here is the transplanted guts:

Transplanted guts

I only have 11 drives at the moment (bought two new ones and RMA'd the three dogs) so I'll add the hot spare later.

The trays seem to be quite well made wasting no space and holding the drive tight:

Drive Bay

Drive Bay

I decided to use one of the original 200G PATA drives for the OS:

200G PATA drive

Seperate drive for Operating System

So, with everything hooked up temporarily, I fired it up. Now this is friggin' slick! Blinky lights! Everybody loves blinky lights!

Blinky Lights!

Added bonus - its not that loud. That is some good news! I was afraid I'd have to put it back in the basement.


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