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Considering the large current draw for this number of hard drives, I have to upgrade the power supply.  I found a 680W Thermaltake at my local dealer (Krazy Krazy) and decided to use it.   The "wings" I had originally made for the Enermax will not fit on this one so I am going to have to fabricate another bracket.   As usual, my material of choice is a metal shelf.

First, I make a paper pattern and then once convinced the fit is ok, trace it onto the metal.

Making a template

The pattern is jigsawed out and hammered and ground into the correct shape.    Here it is with the wings from the previous mod.   This time, I included some extra support underneath as well.

New power supply bracket

With such a number of hard drives so closely packed together some additional airflow is to be required.    However, the front of this case is completely open.    Hmmm..... nothing a little shelf can't fix..... lol.gif - 336 Bytes

Chopped up shelf

The piece was carefully measured to match the opening in the case and then hammered into shape.

Tin banging

Bent form  



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