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When it comes to Emergency Warning Lighting, many people, myself included, do not want a magnetic beacon or light bar attached to their vehicle. The alternative then is to conceal the lighting. One option is for dash and deck lighting. Another is for grill-mounted lightheads. The design I've opted for is corner strobes.

This is Whelen's S450AAAA Hide-A-Way Strobe system. It includes a strobe power supply with four 50W outlets, four amber strobe tubes and four 15' cables with connecters.

Whelen's S450AAAA Hide-A-Way strobe kit

Whelen's S450AAAA Hide-A-Way strobe kit

S450 power supply

The electronics are potted in epoxy so I can install the supply pretty much anywhere:

Underside of S450 power supply

These amber strobe tubes will be installed in the headlights and tail lamps:

HA238A amber strobe tube

So, I've got my work cut out for me again. First, I've got to determine where all the cabling has to go so that means finding a place to mount the strobe power supply. I'm really running out of places to install things. Luckily, it is pretty flat so after checking, I decided it will fit under the smaller of the two rear seats:

Mounting location for power supply