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Next step was another big job.   To start, this time I am really tearing it down:

Tear down

Everything has to come out:  seats, center console, carpet - all of it.   There are a lot of little pieces that make up the interior - whew

Tundra gutted

Tundra gutted

The point behind this dissection is to sound dampen the truck.   I've got 140 square feet of this stuff to get in there:

Tsunami Silencer sound deadener

I was surprised at first that it was not foil-backed like the Dynamat I used in the last truck.   However, once I started working with it, I discovered that with a heatgun and a saturation roller I could get results like this:

Formed to shape

I am way too anal when it comes to this sort of thing.   I completely did the entire floor, back wall and firewall as though it had to be waterproof:

Floor sound deadened

Floor and back wall sound deadened

That was about 22 hours worth of work.   This also allowed me to totally clean up all my aftermarket wiring.