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Well, I decided I didn't like the Alpine D105 unit.   It was too heavy and "squishing" the little tray under it.   Also, it was difficult to control the touch screen high like it was - especially while driving.   I'm sure in a single DIN application it would be awesome but in a double DIN like this one it just wasn't right.

Anyhow, I exchanged it for a W205 double DIN unit.

I had a minor panic attack at first as I was installing it as the sleeve wouldn't fit in the dash kit.   Then it occured to me to check how the original unit was installed.   Sure enough, it had some nice little brackets that bolted right on to the Alpine.

W205 with Toyota brackets

Toyota brackets

So now it fits like a glove and looks factory. Gotta say I am very pleased:

W205 - CD playback

W205 - iPod interface

W205 - navigation trip information