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Finally, I can install the head unit.   At this point, I'm using an Alpine IVA-D105 multi-media unit.

Since I cannot install my own amplifiers, I have to use the factory JBL for now.   I bought a Axxess TYTO-01 level shifter/harness to connect the two together.   You can see it here along with the zillion wires from the head:

Rats nest

Luckily, this rats nest is only temporary.   Once I can hook up the Alpine signal processor, the level shifter and all other analog lines will be eliminated.

The navigation unit needs a connection to the speed sensor.   Again looking in the schematics, I find it conveniently is located in one of the harnesses that was connected to the JBL:

Toyota wiring diagram

It is pin 4 of connecter K9.   Looks like this:

Connecter K9

Soldering to K9

Also required from the JBL harness is the connections for the steering wheel controls.   The schematic shows it to be pins 6,7 and 8 on connecter K3 (brown, light green and grey):

Steering wheel controls

Connecter K3

The steering wheel interface unit says to install a 560 ohm resistor between pins 7 and 8:

Soldering to connecter K3

All splices are, of course, protected with heat shrink:

Heatshrinking solder joints

I need both B+ and switched B+ for all the electronics.   I fed a temporary run of #10 from the battery, through the firewall to the driver's side kick panel (temporary because I will be bringing a heavy line to the amplifiers later).   Switched B+ is a bit more of a trick though.   I discovered the cigarette lighter is a true ignition switch turning immediately on and off with the key.   I don't smoke anymore and the plug is covered by the radio head anyway so I cut the switched line from it and fed it over to the coil of a 30A relay:

Behind the cigar plug

Automotive relay provides ignition swiched power