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Here is the factory 6x9 with its 6.5" replacements:

Door speakers

Door speakers

SPX-17PRO mid range driver

SPX-17MB mid bass driver

To mount the mid bass I first cut a hole in the door skin where I want the grill to go:

Cutting a hole in door skin

Cutting a hole in door skin

Now that I can see where the grill will go, I installed a piece of MDF and cut the mounting hole for the speaker:

Mount for mid bass speaker

A test fit shows the foam behind the door skin (I assume it is support for the arm rest) is holding the assembly too far out:

Test fit

Out with a fillet knife to trim that down some.   Once it was sitting correctly, I secured the foam to the panel with RTV:

Trim to fit

I have to trim the mounting flange for the grill:

Trimming the grill mount

It is clamped in place:

Clamp it down

And glued to the panel using JB Weld:

JB Weld'd in place