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A member of the TS forums (Shadyskins) was showing the Invision LCD/DVD headrests he had installed in his truck and I thought they looked pretty damn good so I phoned them to find out how to order.   Turns out you normally can only get them from the Toyota dealer but my local dealer had never heard of them.   So, I gave North Bay Toyota a call and had the fellow there order me a pair.

They came in a few days later and I took a couple of hours and put them in.   Pretty simple install:

Here is the kit spread out on the tailgate:

Invision headrest kit

The headrest pops right out, and the seat is opened with a little flap on the bottom:

Seat flap

Fishing cable through seat

Invision provides you with a handy fish wire and a little gripper for the cable end - nice touch:

Handy included fish

So with the cables dangling out the bottom, I simply fed them through the existing holes in the carpet and up into the center console:

Re-using factory cable path

They connect to an interface box that brings power to both displays and allows the video from one to be played on the other:

Interface box

And thats it!   Here they are:

Invision headrest DVD players installed