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Next up is the audio interconnects.   The head unit is connected to an audio processor via a length of fiber.   The analog output from the processor goes to the amps via RCA cables.

I ordered a 30m spool of Belden 8461 audio cable and some Puresonic gold plated connectors:

Spool of audio cable

The connector is soldered on and a bit of heatshrink is used as a strain relief:

Installing RCA connecters

All five cables are made and the cable covered with a nylon braid. The lefts and rights are braided together:

Installing RCA connecters

Installing RCA connecters

Installing RCA connecters

The straight RCA connecters were too long to plug to the amps so I had to order some short stemmed 90 ones:

Right angle RCA connecters

These new connecters are soldered on and the cables routed:

Installing RCA connecters

Interconnect routing

The amplifier outputs are connected to the crossovers:

Amplifier hookup schematic

Connections made

And the covers for the crossovers are replaced: