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And now the final assembly.

These are the two different crossovers.   The larger black and red one is for the mid-range and tweeter and the smaller silver one for the mid-bass system:


To start, the amplifiers and crossover are mounted to the top of sub box:

Components mounted

Next is to begin the power wiring.

At full volume this system is capable of 1.6kW which works out to 115A at 13.8v.   The Tundra has a 150A alternator so technically I should be OK.    However, if we look at the potential peak power, that is about 2265W or 164A at 13.8v.   So, I figured a capacitor probably wouldn't hurt to smooth out the peaks and I ordered one.

Got a bit of a surprise when it came in and they handed me a wooden box:

Cap in a box

Even more of a surprise when I saw the cap complete with a pair of white gloves so you don't get finger prints on it!  

Cap and white gloves

That is a Tsunami X15HCAP-20: a 20 farad, hybrid capacitor.

Along with the cap, I got a pair of Tsunami V10PG4-MANL distribution blocks:

Cap and distribution blocks

Bit of perspective distortion there, they are actually much smaller than the cap.

So the blocks are connected to the cap with a couple short lengths of 4 gauge cable and the amps are connected to the blocks with short runs of 8 gauge.   I'm using 50A fuses for each of the 300W amplifiers and a 150A fuse for the 1000W sub amplifier (rule of thumb is your fuse should be double the expected current draw):

Power wiring

Along with the distribution blocks and the capacitor you can also see the radio equipment and the Alpine digital audio processor mounted here:

Power wiring

The wiring behind the amplifiers:

Power wiring