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With interior reassembled, the next task is the rear doors since they also have to be soundproofed:

Door skin removed

Since this stuff is rather thick, I was concerned the door might not fit back together properly afterwards.   To be safe, I put it on the inside.

Soundproofing installed on outer door skin

Finally the front doors and the speaker installations. Again, off with the door skin:

Front door skin off

And the inner soundproofing installed:

Inner soundproofing

The factory front speakers are removed to be replaced with Alpine SPX-17PRO two way components and an Alpine SPX-17MB mid bass (the rear speakers are abandoned).   Here is the replacement tweeter next to the factory one:


Lots of little parts in the Alpine tweeter assembly:

Bits of tweeter

Obviously this isn't going be a matter of simple replacement.   The grill in the the sail is drilled out:

Drill the grill

Using the dremel and my knife, I smooth out and finish the mount.   Got pretty much a perfect fit:

Mounted tweeter

Mounted tweeter

The driver's side sail turned out even better than the passenger's side and I was really happy with that one:

Driver's side sail