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Now to get the strobe tubes mounted. The headlamps come off pretty easily by removing three bolts and the plate below them. The connections to the bulbs were a little more challenging - especially the low beam.

Head lamp assembly removal

So here is the victim:

Tundra headlamp assembly

I have to drill into the reflector to mount the tube. My first thought was to take apart the assembly. It didn't look like it should be difficult - a few screws and these tabs:

Tabs holding assembly together

But it would appear that once these are put together, they were never intended to be disassembled.

Plan two then is to break out the dremel and a razor and cut away the underside of the headlamp.

Cutting a hole in Tundra headlamp assembly

This gave me enough room to fit the holesaw and cut a 1" hole. Once I'd vaccuumed out the shavings the tube is mounted:

Strobe tube is installed

Here is what it looks like:

Installed strobe tube

I was concerned about the big hole in the bottom and water getting in so decided to cut a piece of plastic and silicone it over the hole:

Plastic cover

Plastic cover

Now that I had a plan, the other side went pretty quick:

Second headlamp is completed