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So, what is the first thing you do to a $60,000 truck? Why you drill a 3/4" hole in the roof of course!

Drilling a hole

Actually, I drilled two of these. That hole allows me to install a standard NMO mount:

NMO antenna mount

And thus two permanently mounted antennas. One a wideband VHF, the other a dualband 900/1800:

Permanently mounted antennas - look better, work better!

The coaxial runs are pulled straight back so as not to interfere with the moonroof's travel. Couldn't get the camera in to get a pic but the runs are pulled behind a roof support. In order to drop the headliner down, this O.S. bar has to be removed:

Dropping the headliner

Both runs are tied behind this panel:

Removing panel

And both cables terminated with RF connecters - a mini UHF for the Motorola CDM1550LS and an FME for the Wilson dualband wireless amplifier:

RF connecters installed

The control head for the Motorola is mounted in the console:

Motorola CDM1550LS

And the pickup antenna for the wireless cellular amp is hidden inside the center console:

Celullar pickup

The transceiver bodies are temporarily screwed to the back wall.