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So now to get started on the speakers and amplifiers.....

I pulled off the back wall to reveal the factory sub:

Factory subwoofer

The back wall is laid flat to make sure everything is going to fit back there.   No crossovers yet but it looks OK.

Laying out parts

Here is one the 10" Type X subs that will replace that little OEM unit:

Type X subwoofer

My original idea was to make a wedge-shaped box behind the rear seat but there is no way these subs are going to fit sideways.   The new plan is to have the subs down-firing.

With this decision made, I created a cardboard mock-up to find the correct fit:

Cardboard mockup

Test fit of mockup

Satisfied with the cardboard dummy's fit, the parts are cut from 3/4" MDF:

Building the box

Building the box

The box is glued and screwed together and the subs placed for a test fit.   Remember, this is the bottom of the enclosure:

Subwoofer enclosure

Subwoofer enclosure

Subwoofer enclosure