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Another MDF mount was made for the mid range speaker to fit in the factory 6x9's hole:

MDF mount

I painted it black so it won't be noticable through the grill:

Painting the mounts

I fished three runs of 14/2 speaker wire into the door.   Man, that wasn't easy!   The rubber tube that the wires run through into the door is only about an inch in diameter and there is pretty much an inch of wires already in there!

Wire runs

Next is a second layer of soundproofing this time using the thinner foil-backed variety.   This type is sooooooo much easier to work with.   The inside of the door took about three hours, this took less than one:

Second layer of soundproofing

I put some black duct seal around the hole where the mid-range woofer will fit:

Duct seal

The speaker and its mount are installed:

Mid range driver installed

Next, the mid bass:

Mid bass driver installed

Any factory wiring that looked less than secure was wrapped with fuzzy velcro to ensure no rattles:

Securing factory wiring

And here are the end results.   Passenger's door:

Passenger side speakers installed

Driver's door:

Driver's door

So now to put the door panels back on.   Oops - off with this thing!

Remove JBL badge

The grill is rebadged with the Alpine logo:


Here is the door re-assembled:

Completed door

Completed door