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Originally, I was going to connect the strobes to the switch for the four-way flashers but decided against that concept.

As I was mulling over my (limited) options, my Senior Technician said: "Why don't you use one of the programmable outputs on the radio?"


Obviously, the radio cannot source sufficient current to run the device so the supply voltage must be connected via a relay. This allows the radio to output a low-level signal, sinking the relay actuator current and engaging it.

Power relay

The relay is wired to the radio's accessory connecter:

Motorola accessory connecter

And it is plugged back into the radio:

Radio connection

Now, into the radio's programming software. Pin 14 is set as an active low output:

Program screen

It is set to toggle between its states and the states are assigned alias:

Program screen

Finally, one of the buttons is assigned for auxillary control:

Program screen

So, test it out and it works as expected - cool!

Radio control head - Strobes ON

Radio control head - Strobes OFF

The seat is put back in. Fits perfectly without dragging on the supply:

Small seat is re-installed

Here we are:

Strobes at night

I'll take some better pictures later on once all the snow melts. Perhaps a video is in order as well.........