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Time to start the wiring. An assembled connector:

Assembling AMP connecter

The cable is encased in loom and tie wrapped in place with the others:

Headlamp connecters

It was at this point I realized I should have purchased the kit with the waterproof connectors:

Exposed AMP connecter

I want them as water resistant as possible so I first wrapped the connector with rubber tape:

AMP connecter wrapped with rubber tape

Then covered the rubber with vinyl:

Vinyl tape covering

The re-installed headlamp:

Headlamp is reinstalled

And tail lamp:

Tail lamp reinstalled

The individual runs are combined into a single loom and run along the top of the frame towards the location I decided to install the power supply.

I crept under the truck to find an entry point for the cabling and found another rubber plug similar to the one I used for the heavy power wiring:

Rubber plug entry point

I used a awl to punch through it and see where it came out:

Punch a hole!

Couldn't have asked for a better spot:

Point of the awl through the carpet

I cut a hole in the plug, pulled the cables through and sealed the hole:

Cables run into cabin

The cables are cut to length and connectors installed:

Cabling attached to power supply