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Having repeatedly killed the factory battery during the installation, it lost it's ability to hold a good charge. So, after having to boost it too many times I said "enough of that" and replaced it with an Optima yellowtop.

Optima Yellowtop installed

Even still though, in winter I would have problems. Too often I would again find the battery unable to turn over the engine on cold mornings if I didn't plug in or left the truck parked for several days.

The thing is, I only live 9 minutes from work and most days that is as far as I go. So with the heavy current draw of starting the truck, then the steady draw of the stereo playing, the seat warmers, etc, 9 minutes of alternator juice is just not enough to top off the charge on the battery.

Finally realizing what was happening, I decided to correct this issue. I found a weatherproof maintenance charger, mounted it under the hood, cut off its power cord and spliced it into the cord for the block heater.

Maintenance charger installed

So now, on cold nights when I have to plug in, I charge the battery at the same time. As an added bonus, I get a light showing me the connection is good!

Charge light