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Speaking of LED lamps, I also ordered and received a pair of Whelen 5G LED compartment lights.

Whelen 5G compartment lamps

These are going to be used to illuminate the bed.

My original concept was to surface mount them with a flange but since they came with mounting grommets, I decided to flush mount them instead.

First was to cut a pair of 2.5" holes 4.5" apart into the bed liner:

Mounting holes

The holes are joined together with a Dremel:

Mounting hole

And the lamp is held in place by the grommet:

Rubber grommet holds lamp in place

Rubber grommet holds lamp in place

Pulled another cable run from the battery to the bed:

Power feed through box

I found a heavy-duty, normally closed, momentary switch:

NC switch

And mounted it at the hinge for the tonneau cover:

Switch is mounted at hinge of tonneau cover

There we have it!   Bed lights that turn on when the tonneau cover is raised.

Illuminated bed